Get a store just like this in 5 days!
Get a store just like this in 5 days!
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What is this store?

This is a live example of the beautiful, basic web store you can get online in less than 5 days. We’d use a custom theme for your site, with your personal colour theme and logos.

This is also a real store, so you can purchase the product here and get things moving with your rapid eCommerce business solution!

Do you have other products?

Absolutely! This store is only an example, and doesn’t represent the vast range of marketing, design, video & development projects we cover. 


How long will it take to set up my store?

QuickSmart, our rapid eCommerce solution, will have you selling online in just five days. This includes the modifications to your site, a subscription to Shopify, all the necessary shipping details and much more.

The five days starts from when you have provided all the content you want on the site.

What if I have a long list of products? Won’t it take an incredibly long time to take pictures and get them all on the site?

You can put an unlimited number up on your store; however, we'd suggest picking your best 10-20 products and selling those ones first. In fact, the whole idea is to launch quickly and then add or update over time.

This is one time the community is sure to be understanding if you need to use manufacturer photos, stock photos or even camera phone photos. Remember: most customers would prefer to have access to your product than miss out.

I want to get completely set up with a new business; website and all. How long will it take for me to get online and start selling?

This product is focused on the 'store' aspect of your business.

We'd love to discuss with you options for informative or marketing based websites; however, their lead time would be 4-8 weeks.


What’s the best way to let people know I now have eCommerce? I want to get the word out about my shop going online.

The first thing you should do is send out a message to your contacts, both via email and using your social channels. Be honest; let them know the situation, be clear about where they can find you online, and there’s no harm in asking them to share the news around.

If you’re looking for ways to reach an entirely new audience, SBM has a number of digital solutions that can help you find new customers, clients and opportunities, from email marketing to fully integrated ad campaigns. Get in touch with the SBM team to find out how we can help get the word out about your business.